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June 27, 2020 - Comment

The Friday Flyer | Scuba divers, snorkelers have their own club Lezlie Riniti, one of the board members of the new Canyon Lake Ocean Dwellers club, snorkels on a recent dive. Club members snorkel and scuba dive and meet monthly to share experiences and tips. Photo courtesy of Anton Riniti Scuba divers, snorkelers have their

The Friday Flyer | Scuba divers, snorkelers have their own club

Scuba divers, snorkelers have their own club

Ocean Dwellers, a club open to scuba divers and snorkelers, has been sanctioned by the Canyon Lake POA and is looking for members, according to club founder Anton Riniti.

“My lovely wife Lezlie and I are scuba enthusiasts to say the least,” Anton said. “For us, scuba diving and snorkeling is a social activity and with so many dive sites within driving distance of Canyon Lake, it only makes sense to start a new club.”

Anton said those wishing to join the club simply need to be either scuba certified or responsible snorkelers. To scuba, each member is solely responsible to maintain a current PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certification membership, he said. In order to snorkel, each member must show an interest in responsible snorkeling activities.

Canyon lake Scuba divers, snorkelers

A new Canyon Lake club, Ocean Dwellers, has already selected a Board of Directors. From left is Bill Zander, Brian Oltman, Diann Oltman, Anton Riniti, Lezlie Riniti, Vicki Warren and Tony Riniti. The club’s focus is on scuba diving and snorkeling and is recruiting members. Photo courtesy of Anton Riniti.

“As a club, we strive to be ambassadors for the aquatic world,” Anton said. “We support the advancement of responsible diving and proactive initiatives to protect the environment and preserve endangered species.“

The club holds meetings monthly to discuss safe dive practices, share stories of recent dives, as well as to plan excursions, both local and out of the area.

Lezlie and Anton regularly dive the La Jolla Canyon and Cove, Laguna, Carlsbad and Catalina.

The local dive shop that the club uses is Scuba Center Temecula and the owner Philip Rexinger has special deals for anyone interested in equipment or certifications. Anton said to just mention his name to get the discounts. Partnering with the dive shop, the club also has access to upcoming dives in Saint Lucia, Egypt, CoCoView and other exotic locations.

Anton is currently a Master Diver which is the highest attainable level for a recreational diver, but he said he has set his sites on even higher goals.

“I have started Dive Master Courses, which is the first level of being a scuba professional,” he said. “My goal is to have my Instructor Certification finished by mid-October. With the certificate, I will be able to teach those interested in this amazing underwater adventure. So many people have helped me and now it is my turn to share my knowledge.”

Ocean Dwellers already has a Facebook group up and running for members and those who are curious about the club. Those interested can go to to find Canyon Lake Ocean Dwellers on Facebook.

Anyone interested in joining the club or getting additional information is encouraged to reach out to Anton directly at (909) 559-0735 or by email at

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