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For celebrities suffering from overloaded schedules and overworked minds, snorkeling is an easy pastime to pick up on vacation. The learning curve is gentle, equipment is always available, and it doesn’t take much effort. It’s relaxation with a little more movement. That’s why so many celebrities have been seen bringing snorkels to beaches all around

For celebrities suffering from overloaded schedules and overworked minds, snorkeling is an easy pastime to pick up on vacation. The learning curve is gentle, equipment is always available, and it doesn’t take much effort. It’s relaxation with a little more movement.

That’s why so many celebrities have been seen bringing snorkels to beaches all around the world. No partner is required, but it proves to be a couple’s experience for a lot of people on this list including Anne Hathaway. Before her first pregnancy, she and her husband Adam Shulman found time for a vacation that included snorkeling and plenty of paparazzi.

Let’s take a look at some of those photos of Anne Hathaway and 19 other celebs spotted snorkeling while on vacation.

20 Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire teamed up in Hawaii

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Long-time friends Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire went to Hawaii for a swim along the coast. Despite wearing goggles, it looks like the water still found its way into Leo’s eyes in the above photo. Meanwhile, Tobey is totally distracted by something much more interesting onshore.

19 Tyga tested it out for Kylie Jenner before they both jumped in

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Before his breakup with Kylie Jenner, Tyga was invited to St. Bart’s for a family outing with the entire Kardashian crew. Next to two of the girls, he looked to be fitting right in. He and Khloé couldn’t wait to try out their snorkels, and Kylie caught up soon after.

18 Making Kendall Jenner the odd one out

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Everyone made sure to equip their snorkels before taking a swim except for Kendall Jenner. Kortney Kardashian and her son kept Kendall company until Khloé came to trade places with the responsible mom. Being alone at the center of the snorkeling circle didn’t seem to bother Kendall one bit.

17 Rihanna goes snorkeling more than anyone else

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Our next celebrity has been caught in many a country seeking out new scenery beneath the rolling waves of foreign waters. This time around, cameras caught her sitting on the lip of her friend-filled yacht in Portofino, Italy preparing to dive down into the Ligurian Sea.

16 Heidi Klum was a natural in St. Bart’s

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Heidi Klum is usually all smiles, but in these photos, she looks like she’s completing a routine inspection of the Caribbean Sea instead of snorkeling for fun. We suspect she was just in a hurry to get back to her then-boyfriend Vito Schnabel who had already returned to shore.

15 But Jessica Alba had a rough start

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Working out how to breathe with a snorkel isn’t as easy as it looks. Jessica Alba had to come up for a big breath after some time in the sea near St. Bart’s. To her credit, she did get the hang of it and has snorkeled around the world since.

14 Then she taught her daughter how to do it better

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Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor got a loving introduction to her mom’s new favorite hobby on a beach in Cancún. They held hands while Honor practiced her kicking not too far from shore before she was allowed to go all the way underwater with the rest of the big kids.

13 Jake Gyllenhaal tired himself out in the water

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There must be something in the water at St. Bart’s because all the celebs on this list keep going there to find out! The search might’ve been too much for Jake Gyllenhaal though. Once he climbed out of the water, he looked ready for a nap in the warm sun.

12 Will Smith took it easy before jumping in

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Will Smith kept cool on his boat with a bottle of water and the chillest of poses as he was chauffeured to his snorkeling destination. Once he got back from Barbados, we hope he let the rest of Hollywood know that there are other beautiful beaches waiting to be explored.

11 Uma Thurman liked what she saw underwater

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We don’t know what Uma Thurman found in St. Bart’s, but that face makes us think it had to be good. She spent most of her time on the beach overjoyed both with and without her snorkel. Her daughter and a friend soon stopped by to share in her delight.

10 Robert Downey Jr.’s wife hung back this time

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Robert Downey Jr. didn’t let the allure of the Pacific’s warm waters drag him away from the rocks where his wife had settled in. So far into her pregnancy, dipping in a few toes was excitement enough. Soaking up tranquil scenes like this one is another part of Hawaii’s charm.

9 Zach Braff and his girlfriend hung back

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In this next pair of photos, the flippers and head barely in frame show how excited Zach Braff’s friends were to get started snorkeling. No one bothered to wait for him and his girlfriend, but the couple was soon ready to catch up with the rest of their group.

8 While his buddy Donald Faison jumped right in

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Taking your girl on vacation is nice, but Donald Faison and Zach decided that bringing your best bro is better. So they planned a group trip to Hawaii where everyone was invited. Donald and his wife CaCee Cobb ended up in the group that struck out ahead.

7 Jared Leto explored the underside of Ibiza

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Another celebrity who decided a group vacation was the way to go is Jared Leto. He showed up in Ibiza with four friends who gathered along the rocks and in the water. Only Jared brought his snorkeling gear for a closer look at some of Ibiza’s harder to reach sights.

6 Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn took on Turks and Caicos

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Taylor Swift’s insistence on keeping this romance quiet has ensured that the relationship between her and Joe Alwyn stays sweet. The above pics show that two was company enough for them in Turks and Caicos. They snorkeled, swam, and sipped some drinks on the beach for a well-rounded day.

5 Anne Hathaway isn’t afraid to stray far from shore

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Italian fashion designer Valentino loaned Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman his custom-built yacht so that they could do some snorkeling deep in the Mediterranean Sea. The boat, named TM Blue One after Valentino’s parents Teresa and Mauro, blessed the loving couple with a romantic evening in Ibiza.

4 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom practiced in the shallow water first

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Another couple that chose a snorkeling date is Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry — Hawaii was the destination for these two. Orlando was quick to get down to business, but Katy held back to make sure that the paparazzi had enough time to snap some shots of her retro swimsuit.

3 He took model Kristy Hinze on the second trip

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Katy stayed home the next time that Orlando went for a dunk in the ocean. His friend Kirsty Hinze filled in for her, and in addition to a new partner, he brought a new full face snorkel. This snorkel type hasn’t caught on, but maybe Orlando will set the trend.

2 Victoria Justice couldn’t get her boyfriend to join in on the fun

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Just before these photos were taken, Victoria Justice and her then-boyfriend Pierson Fode were ecstatic as he waded through the waves in Oahu with her on his back. All the activity earned him a break. However, judging by Victoria’s expression here, snorkeling without him just wasn’t the same.

1 Matt Bomer had no problem convincing his husband

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The larger Hawaiian island of Maui brought Matt Bomer and his husband Simon Hall down to the beach. Neither man stayed behind for this adventure. They’re also the only ones on this list who opted for wetsuits, an addition that can bring snorkeling to the next level.

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